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Pitco Filter Paper 18.5 x 20.5

Pitco Filter Paper 18.5 x 20.5

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1 x Box = 100 sheets

Suits Models: 12, 14, 14R, 7, AW-SG14R-2, AW-SG14R-3-FD, AW-SG14R-4-FD, AW-SGF14R, CKSSH60WC, E12, E14, E14B, E14X, E18, E18B, E7, E7B, P18K, PG14D, PH-SG14R-2, PH-SG14-3, PH-SG14R-4, PH-SG14R, PM14, PR14, SE14, SE147, SE14R, SE14T, SE14TR, SE14TX, SE14X, SE18, SE18R, SE18S, SE714, SEBNB14, SEBNB18, SFSE14, SFSE14R, SFSE14T, SFSE14TR, SFSE14TX, SFSE14X, SFSE18, SFSE18R, SFSG18, SG14SD, SG18SD, SSH55, SSH55-2FD, SSH5SSTC-2FD, SSH60C-S/FD, SSH75, SSH75RS, TB-SG14, TBSGF14

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